Are You a Bad Billy?

There are a lot of Bad Billy’s in the world. Some are down right intentional and some really don’t know that they are bad…Do you stop in the local watering hole for a couple of beers with your buds on the way home from work? Sounds harmless right? Nope, you are a Bad Billy. Tag light out gets you pulled over on the way home from the watering hole and of course you answer, yea I had a couple of beers. Step out of the car sir and the rest is a well rehearsed dance of sobriety tests and breathalyzers. Just .08 is all it takes, 2.5 beers for most of us and you are calling your Bail Bondsman to come and post your bail. You have been a bad boy Billy. It’s classic, some guy passes you on the right pulls in front of you and slams on his breaks. You can’t believe it but he is actually flipping you off in his rear view mirror. You don’t know exactly what it was that you did but you don’t take that crap from anybody so you send the same love signal to him and just when it appears that he is challenging you to pull over..he moves to the shoulder while you blow your horn and flip him the bird, See ya! incident over right? Not quite. Just before your exit on 95 you notice the blue lights of a trooper behind you with yet another invitation to pull it over on the shoulder and this time you accept. It seems someone called in your tag number as the person who brandished a firearm and caused them to evade by pulling off on to the shoulder of Interstate 95. “I just flipped him the bird”, he is the one who slammed on his brakes and tried to get me to pull over and…”do you have a firearm”? the trooper asks. “Well yes I do and here is my concealed weapons permit” and just when the trooper is ordering you to step out of the vehicle it dawns on you. It is your word against his, he lucked out because like many of us you have a concealed weapons permit. The magistrate may look at that little fact and find probable cause. That’s right you are a Bad Billy, under arrest for brandishing a firearm. I post Bail for a lot of Bad Billys. Let’s just love each other and be quick to forgive. If you can’t seem to manage that, save my number in your phone…I’ll be there.

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